Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I am sure people around the globe are still celebrating the new year.It is a good occasion for people to be happy. Despite the many trials and tribulations of 2013, the world is still intact. The civil wars in parts of the Middle East and Africa have not dented it a little bit. Life goes on. 

Or, does it?

Maybe, we need to ask those still living in tents in Syria.
And now in South Sudan.

I guess, the new year brings different things to different people.
But the most important thing I hope it will bring, to the world, and particularly those suffering wars, that in 2014 there's
a little bit more compassion.

Pity the children. 

We were all children once. We had our childhood. 
I am sure these children of wars, they too, would like to have their lives back.To be free. To feel secure and not have their lives be disrupted and torn apart.

Let 2014 be a better year than 2013. 
Let's there be love not war.
Let there be peace. 

How I wish this is the wish of those celebrating the new year too.
Those in the streets of New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong, ...

Let us have compassion; do not think of ourselves too much but spare a thought to those little children in war torn countries.
Let's all pray for God's mercy and that 2014 be a better year than 2013. 

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