Sunday, January 4, 2015

Forget about the next planet.

Traveling with my son to Frieburg, Germany, December 2014.

I have come to realize that traveling isn't just therapeutic; it is more than the warm, exciting feelings that one has to experience being in a strange place, away from the hustle bustle of day-to-day daily living. Traveling open minds to new perspectives. It helps to provide the window that was partly hidden although there but unseen. What a waste. Not to have been obvious to the window that helps you peek into something amazing that life has to offer. I think one of the best gifts in life is the gift of travel. The perspectives from seeing a whole new world; of lives lived quite differently from yours is such a priceless adventure.

Quite priceless,
if one learns from the experience, of course.

Experiencing and understanding how each culture exists, and co-exists in our world is the way forward in our generation. Forget about discovering the moon! Forget about the next planet! We have the whole earth planet to be discovered!

Pack your bag and hop to the next destination. That next destination doesn't have to be in another continent. Or country. Or state.

Just discovering the neighborhood where one lives is an adventure by itself.

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